Isolation & Suffering Short Videos Festival

We are ready to announce all the final results of the 5th Isolation & Suffering Short Videos Festival 2023 after both the jury and national voting stages:

The main winner of the 5th edition of the festival and the 1st place in the competition:
“Mi Soledad“, Nuestras Soledades

Super finalists:
2nd place of the competition — “80km
3rd place of the competition — “Cuando Crece La Hierba

Finalists and their marks:
The Request — 9
Rompen Las Olas — 9
Takbir — 8
El Secreto De Lucia — 8
Enter les mots — 8

Turbulencias — 7
Encerrados -7
Night Show — 7
Alli — 7
Balearen begia — 7

Quarter finalists:
Henry — 6
2014 — 4

Other films — outside of the selection

The first 3 places will be screened in Moscow cinema theatre offline and also online on the web site of the festival + will receive diplomas and sponsoring certificates

Thank you everyone for the participation!
Soon we will open submission window for the next 6th film festival. Follow the news!

Mi Soledad:












Cuando Grece:

Password: CuandoCreceLaHierbaFilm





Dear friends, please feel free to watch online the winners of the previous 4 editions of our festival:

Winners of the 4th edition of our festival

Password: premiere76



Quarantine hotel



Winners of the 3rd edition of our festival:


Love post lockdown



Winners of the 2nd edition of our festival:

The greatest of expectations
Director — Freddie Hill, UK

Director — Victor Sumenkov Hope, Russia

Animate as you can
Director — Jaume Bernabeu, Spain

Winners of the 1st edition of our festival:

The New Normal

Directed by Matt Willis-Jones


Directed by Paul Davis

Password: HEAD


Not Scared

Directed by Elaa Mastas


N.B. All the films links were provided by the right holders and the online public screening has been authorized by each of them.


Dear participants,

Please feel free to use the official laurels of our festival depending on this or that status which you received during the competition









Here is the detailed information about our film festival:

Isolation & Suffering Short Videos Festival is the semi-online semi-offline cinema event dedicated to the fight against Coronavirus in the World + also to all the possible types of peoples’ sufferings and tragedies which humans may face during their lives. The main aim of the festival is to support people in their self-isolation during difficult times. At the same time the festival is also dedicated to internal human psychological isolation due to loneliness, illness or betrayal.

The festival is arranged by the same organisators who run the popular Moscow International Horror, Action and Fantastic Film Festival & Awards “DROP”. The goal of the festival is to entertain people in any situation of personal isolation or misunderstanding. Submitters can be both professional filmmakers, bloggers and ordinary amateur videographers.

Terms and conditions: We accept only short videos shot by a smartphone or any other device not longer than 59 minutes and not shorter than 5 seconds. Each video should have some concrete message. It can be of any genre. But all videos must tell some story of your personal isolation or suffering, describe your way of life in this or that difficult situation.

Prizes: The best 5 videos will be combined into 1 feature almanac and will be not only published on our festival’s web site, but will be also screened LIVE in the offline regime in a big cinema theatre of Moscow city. During the screening viewers will vote for the main winner. The 4 best films apart from the cinema screening will receive sponsoring valuable gifts + diplomas. The main winner will receive awards statue + diploma + valuable certificate for free dcp convertation or post-production service and a right for commercial distribution provided by the festival’s partner — Tricolor TV VOD platform.

The other selected films will receive laurels and one of the following status: official selection / quarter finalist / semi-finalist / finalist / super finalist.

The top 10 films will be screened online on the web site and in the social media.

The submission fee for 1 film/video is 10 USD or 700 RUB.

Each submitter can send an unlimited number of videos/films.

The payment needs to be operated only after the submission is received, viewed and accepted by the organizators by means of money transfer to PayPal account.

There are 5 stages of the competition:
1. Selection by organization committee among submitted films;
2. Voting by the star jury members online: the best 20 films become finalists;
3. People’s national voting online: the best 10 films become super-finalists;
4. Final stage of jury vote for the top 5 films among the super-finalists, which go to the offline round of cinema screening and become winners;
5. Cinema screening of the top 5 films and viewers’ voting for the main winner.

Our respected jury:
Richard Cutting — Hollywood producer and actor (jury chairman)
Oliver Robbins — Hollywood actor, star of “Poltergeist” movie
Elena Kornilova — American/Russian film director and actress
Anna Troyanskaya — film director and actress
Lazar Bodroza — famous Serbian director
Vilen Babichev — actor and stuntman
Miroslav Lakobrija — Serbian FX and make up specialist, film director and actor