Online Suffering Short Videos Festival

Dear friends, we are happy to announce, that we have started to accept submissions to our forthcoming 4th edition of our film festival! Please feel free to submit either directly using our online form at the very bottom of this page, or via FilmFreeWay submission platform.


Please find the final results of the 3rd Online isolation and suffering short videos festival after the 3 competition stages, including the jury and people’s votings:

The main winner of the festival (receives awards statue, diploma and special valuable certificate + the film will be screened in the Moscow cinema theatre offline for once + on the festival’s web site forever):
1. Anagnorisis

The winners of the festival (receive diplomas + will be screened in the Moscow cinema theatre offline for once + on the festival’s web site forever):
2. Love post lockdown
3. Empty


Love post lockdown


Super finalists (receive appropriate laurels + status):
4. When we met
5. In the bunker
6. Mom
7. Idola
8. The box
9. 3 conversations
10. Rays of sunshine

Finalists (receive appropriate laurels):
Citizen safety
Detroit landmarks
Ultimate act
Fourteen days
A dark side
Destruction and violence
Corona diaries

Semi-finalists (receive appropriate laurels):
What Next?
Easy said
Chasing the Light
The Princess and the Old Lady
I Am a Black Hole
Locked Down
Hannah’s Demons
A Piece if Life
Whirling desert
Echoes of Kerberos
The Shi**y Side Of Life (music video by GLANC)
The (so) Lonely Stages of Quarantine
Love In Times Of Quarantine
The Hyperzoo
Corporate Zoom
I bow to thee O Mother
These Days
Next Week
Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket
Covid Tales: House Party
The Riemann Hypothesis
Who am I What I am doing?
Astronaut / 2x2m
Horroroso — Horrific Bear
Dark or Light
Donkey’s Tailor
Dinner for One (Covid-19 Edition)
To be carantinued…
Children of Capitalism
Love exhaustion
Princes and Old lady
Chasing swipes

Quarter finalists (receive appropriate laurels):
Recursos: A Jornada Da Casa
Tales of a Scorpio’s Stinger
Dr. Bombastic’s Formulas for Happiness
Odd Man Out
My Friend, Marcel
I had a dream…
In The Zone
A Vampire Kiss in the Plague of 1666
Viva La Lota
The end of the world
Requiem with hope
Dream Upon Waking
A Wounded Bear Observes
(AB) Normal
Fourteen days

1/8 of the final (receive appropriate laurels):
A Partir De Uno De Los Proverbios De..
you and me
Death to America
An Island MD Documentary
On Repeat
To be carantinued…

Rest films — not selected

The respected jurors of the festival competition: Richard Cutting, Rohit Govardhanam, Victor Boulankin


Dear friends!

Online Suffering Short Videos Festival is the online event dedicated to people’s personal internal sufferings and misunderstanding, to the betrayal or loneliness, to any form discrimination or illness. The main aim of the festival is to support people with their personal problems.

The festival is arranged by the same organisators who run the popular Russian International Horror Film Festival and Awards “DROP”. The goal of the festival is to entertain people. Submitters can be both professional filmmakers, bloggers and ordinary amateur videographers.

Terms and conditions: We accept only short videos shot by a smartphone or any other device not longer than 59 minute and not shorter than 5 seconds. Each video should have some concrete message. It can be of any genre. But all videos must tell some story.

Prizes: The best 3 videos will be combined into 1 short film and will be not only published in the internet, but will be screened LIVE in a big cinema theatre. The 3 winners will receive sponsoring valuable gifts + diplomas. The other selected films will receive laurels and one of the following status: official selection / quarter finalist / semi-finalist / finalist / super finalist. The top 10 will be screened online on the web site and in the social media.

The submission fee for 1 film/video is 10 USD or 700 RUB.

Each submitter can send an unlimited number of videos/films.

The payment needs to be operated after the submission is received, viewed and accepted by the organizators by means of money transfer to PayPal account.